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WhiteSight was born in November 2020 with the conviction of building a company that would create value for the ecosystem it operates in -  whether it be the fintech biosphere or the world at large, both online and offline. Much akin to the segment we explore, WhiteSight aims to unbundle fintech research through conventional and unconventional means and enable access to quality research for early and growth-stage startups, and emerging investors, who need it the most.

Our research not only acts as a source of revenue but also an unlimited supply of inspiration from the supersonic innovations happening out there. We are a bootstrapped and profitable venture with complete independence and autonomy to pursue our own mandate. With a growing list of clients spread across 5+ distinct geographies, every day is a celebration of the truly global nature of the fintech community.

As we find our place in these overlapping planes of twenty-first-century contexts, we want to create not only an entity but more importantly a community that champions quality research built upon the principles of collaboration and inclusion.


WhiteSight is a growing team of fintech nerds and design enthusiasts, led by:

SK Headshot

Sanjeev Kumar
Founder & CEO

A fintech enthusiast with a child-like curiosity to ask a series of 'why's to get to the core of things.

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Afshan Dadan
Co-Founder & Research Head


A GenZ adult who feels like a millennial most of the time. Loves all things fintech, food and memes.

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