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WhiteSight collaborates with Brankas to take a look into the evolution of Open Source Core Banking as an enabler for FinTech innovation.

Reimagine the Future of Financial Industry with Open Core offers insights into how Open Source is steadily becoming a catalyst for driving the evolution of the financial services industry. Southeast Asia, a burgeoning playground for FinTech, is embracing Open Source. From users and contributors to developers and integrators, various ecosystem players today are contributing to the Open Source movement to increase access to financial services.


We join forces with Brankas to understand and analyse Open Source Core Banking adoption trends across diverse industries and the potential it holds for regional financial institutions to modernise their tech stack and offer more contextualised services to their customers.


The report weighs upon the following key contents:

  • Fintech trends and open source imperatives in Southeast Asia

  • Open source adoption in the financial industry

  • The evolution of banking towards Open Core and its associated benefits

  • Industry experts' points of view

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