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Most Impactful FinTech M&As of 2020

At Whitesight, we end the year by looking at some of the most impactful (not necessarily the most expensive) M&As of the #Fintech world in 2020.

“Software is eating the world” - Marc Andreessen (2011)
  • Software 🖥 took a mega-bite 🍽in the fintech world in 2020

  • Among the top 5 biggest M&A deals of 2020, significant ones include Tech companies - Plaid, Finicity, Galileo who are enabling the fintech innovation in the sector

"Silicon Valley is coming" - Jamie Dimon (2015)
  • Silicon Valley 📲 seem to have arrived 🚀in 2020

  • Square acquired Verse to expand to the Spanish market and Stripe acquired PayStack to expand to Africa.

  • Apple acquired Mobeewave to strategically build a 2-sided business model of Payment acceptance and the Apple Card

  • Lending Club acquired Radius Bank to become a bank.

“Every company will be a FinTech Company” - Angela Strange (2019)
  • Firms across industries🌐 made strategic moves in their quest to become a fintech💵 company.

  • Non-Financial firms such as Grab, Opera, ZipTel made significant investments to put their best foot forward in finTech

  • Incumbents such as Visa, Mastercard, Société Générale, American Express doubled down their fintech bets.

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