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#WIN: Women In Neobanking

When women master technology they tend to rise to the top very quickly because they have greater empathy.

Wise words by none other than Anne Boden of Starling Bank.

One Small Step for Anne Boden, One Giant Leap for Starling 💫

Befittingly on the International Women’s Day, Starling Bank achieved the much awaited Unicorn status. After achieving the monthly profitability in October 2020, and Unicorn status in March 2021, IPO remains the next milestone for Starling to gallop towards.

Fintech has historically been hard pressed with the double whammy of diversity challenge, as both the technology and financial industry happens to be male-dominated at the leadership levels. Regardless, incredible female founders and leaders continue to create and lead next-gen fintech businesses, and especially the challenger banking.

  • Women-led neobanks in our Top 20 list represent 5 fintech unicorns serving more than 50 million customers and have cumulatively raised over $5.2 billion in funding.

  • Starling Bank & Judo Bank, the oh-so-rare profitable neobanks, are lead by some fierce female entrepreneurs like Anne Boden & Jacqui Colwell.

  • The two neobanks also count a significant number of women in leadership roles across the organisations.

Are the Challenger Banks Challenging the leadership diversity Status Quo?

  • The leadership positions analyses gave us a few pleasant surprises, with significant number of women leading key teams such as people management, marketing and product development teams

  • Women leaders also bring another kind of diversity to the leadership team, represented by the fact that more than half of the women leaders come from non-finance backgrounds from various industries.