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Finance-as-a-Lifestyle: The Next Pitstop for FinTech

Consumers are consistently demanding contextual and hyper-personalized experiences from service providers across industries. The resultant lifestyle economy has incentivized non-banks and tech titans to deliver on customers' heightened expectations by embedding financial experiences throughout their engagement journeys. The next holy grail for fintechs is to rise up to the challenge and unleash lifestyle experiences for their customers and deliver a holistic blend of functional and emotional benefits. 

At Whitesight, we are excited to join forces with StormPay to closely look at this intriguing phenomenon of ‘Finance-as-a-Lifestyle’, which involves recognizing customers’ unique lifestyle and financial habits to deliver individualized products, services, and experiences to them in a seamless and intuitive manner.  

A brief snapshot of what the report covers: 

  • The Rise of the Lifestyle Economy

  • Evolution of Finance-as-a-lifestyle

  • Emerging Business Models

  • Consumer & Enterprise Use Cases

  • The Way Forward for Embedded Experience

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